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Drawings and resources on this website are an excellent reproduction from the originals. These are the drawings/e-books from the original manufacturer and are 100% authentic. Purchasing drawings on this site is very simple. Once you have added the products to your cart, all you need to do is go through the checkout process. You do not have to register on this site to make a purchase. Payment is done through the well established 2Checkout engine, and allows you to pay with all major credit/debit cards, or making use of your PayPal account. This means that your purchases are protected and guaranteed by the merchant (you can also refer to our Refund and Returns Policy). Once checkout has been successfully completed, you will instantly receive an email with file download details.
All files downloads are in a ZIP format, and the ZIP files contain the drawings/e-books in both PDF and TIFF format. Whether you are running on a PC, MAC or Linux platform, you will easily be able to extract the drawings. To view the PDF files, you will need a copy of
Adobe ® Reader. The equivalent TIFF files will be easily read by your operating system, but PDF is the preferred industry standard.

There are downloadable sample files for each product, so that you can see the quality. I encourage you to print the samples on a large format printer to see the quality you would expect, it is excellent. What a lot of my customers do, is download the drawings, and build their live steam project directly from these drawings, using the relevant scale-down formula (depending on what scale they have chosen i.e. 3.5", 5" etc). All drawings sets are complete. 

Should you have any problems extracting your files, please do not hesitate to contact me using the details found on the Contacts page.